Project Description

This application aims to demonstrate how to create an MVVM simple application. It uses Silverlight Toolkit for charting and MVVMLight from Galasoft.
It is developped in C#, without any code behind.
The first release has been done in less than 1h30. The concept need bug fixing and enhancements.

You can download from source and open it with VisualStudio.Net
The dojo is now available at this address :
A 82 minutes video is available at this address and allow you to see how to create this project.Click here to lend your support to: All Developments and make a donation at !


  • First step is to extract a CSV from your bank account and paste it in the first screen.

Be carefull, data must be ordered like this :
Date;Don't care;long title for pattern recognition;Pricing;Don't care
Mine is like :
26/07/2011;VISA X1234 25/07 ;CARTE X1234 25/07 MCDONALD'S ;-28,20;EUR
26/07/2011;VISA X1234 20/07 ;CARTE X1234 20/07 AMAZON EU SARL ;-18,99;EUR
... and so on...

  • Second step is to define categories and tokens

For example :
Restaurant category contains token "donald"
IT expense category contains tokens "amazon" and "paypal"

  • Third step is to switch on the last tab and see the result.


First tab :

Second tab :

Third tab :

Possible enhancements/Fixes

Fix of Date format contained in CSV text
Add possibility of saving tokens & categories
Add message saying data have been loaded & how many data loaded
Add possibility of choosing which column and data type correspondence.
Add possibility to "enter in the data" on the third tab and develop a real BI for personal account.

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